Эта странная жизнь (Russian Edition)

Title: Эта странная жизнь (Russian Edition)
Author: Granin D. A.
Year Read: 2016
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A very interesting book about a Russian Soviet-era scientist and polymath, Alexander Lubishev, who meticulously kept records of everything he did since his early twenties. He participated in the quantified-self movement before it was cool, even before it actually existed. Lubishev constantly kept detailed (down to 10-minute-granularity) records of how he spent his time. At the end of every month and every year he compiled large reports based on his records, and used them to both examine and guide his life. He was also a voracious reader and maintained a large personal library with detailed notes and reviews of every book he had read. This book provides a great account of his life, his interests, his aspirations, and the productivity and reading systems that he had developed over the years. Unfortunately, there’s no English edition yet, so the notes below are in Russian. Maybe in the future I’ll come back and translate them to English.